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High Visions - Passerby EP Review

High Visions - Passerby EP Review

High Visions are a three-piece Pop-Punk band from Leeds, UK. Consisting of Louis Flynn on Vocals and Guitar, Zyggy on Bass and Vocals & Alex Fell on Drums. They were formed in 2015, apparently in a nightclub toilet (I mean, where else do you form a Pop-Punk band).
They aim to bridge the gap between modern pop-punk and the early 2000's skate-punk so let's have a listen and find out.

This six-track EP (some would call six tracks an album) kicks off with 'I Miss You (but my aim's improving)' starting with some heavy hitting drums and fast & energetic guitar work. This song is just what they were aiming at, with elements sounding like sum-41 but also sections rather pop-like with chanting harmonies.
The second song is called 'Three Years Away' which starts with screeching guitars and fast drums which really builds your excitement levels and heart-rate. This song features great double-drumming, punk vocals but also some elements of Hardcore music. The third track is 'Grave Mistake' which is a very Skate-Punk sounding song with an Emo touch. An interesting story within the lyrics and great use of tempo changes.
The fourth song is called 'Duluth', a very bouncy, fast and energetic song that you cannot resist dancing and singing along to! This song is a great blend of pop-punk and alt-rock and is probably my personal favourite song from the EP. The fifth track is 'Shit Out Of Luck' which starts with quite dark and ominous guitar chords then the drums join in to complete the sound which is a mix of hardcore, alt-rock and punk. This is definitely the heaviest song on the EP. I really like it! Straight to the point lyrics and you find yourself singing and shouting away with them involuntarily.
The sixth and final song of this EP is called 'Coffee Shop Thoughts' which immediately calms you down after the last song with soft guitar playing..... then the drums hit hard and the song energises to become a great pop-punk song. Think of a mix of Green Day and Blink 182 and you have this song. High energy sections are ratioed really well with softer sections that focus on the vocals and then add in harmonies and well-written lyrics then you get a really great song.

In conclusion, the guys in High Visions have been through a lot recently and it shows both lyric-wise and musically but they have ridden above it all and produced a great EP. Each song has it's own story and individuality almost like each band member has written two songs each (maybe that is the case) to tell their own stories. I really like the way that they have achieved their goal of bridging that gap between modern pop-punk and post-millennial skate-punk. They seem to have taken a little part of each of the bands from those eras and blended them perfectly. This really is one band to keep your eyes and ears on for I see them going far in the music world!

This EP 'Passerby' will be released on 17th August 2018 on all the usual digital outlets.

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