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Fear Me December - Crystallized EP Review

Fear Me December - Crystallized EP Review

Fear Me December are a Heavy Rock band originally from Argentina, now based in Manchester, UK. Consisting of Victoria on Vocals & Bass, Valentin on Lead Guitar, Stuart on Rhythm Guitar and Antony on Drums. They formed back in 2013 and have been refining their sound to what it is now. Let's check out this new EP.

The first song on this four-track EP is called "Fight Me" which kicks off the EP in big style with fast double-kick drumming and heavy guitar riffs then Victoria's very rocky vocals start. Her vocal range is perfect for this genre of music, ranging from soft and gentle to almost screaming. I am already in love with this band! The second song is "Not Wired The Same" starts with some sweet guitar riffs and has a mellower tone to start with at least. Featuring great vocal effects and interesting lyrics, I also really like the drums, really deep bass and awesome instrumental sections in this song.
Track three is called "This Is Not Ok" and begins with distorted guitars then Victoria's soft vocals join lulling you into a false sense of security before the song livens up. This one has a very early 2000's punk rock sound to it. It is very bouncy and is the song that is most likely to get you singing along whilst dancing. They also make good use of tempo changes and breakdowns with some really soft sections, some fast sections as well as some deep instrumental sections.
The fourth and final song is the title track of the EP "Crystallized", a fast and heavy rock song which will get you moving and singing along to the lyrics. Heavy bass, hard-hitting drums and epic guitar riffs with both guitarists working perfectly together to make this a really great song! 

In conclusion, this EP is a great introduction to the band for those who have never heard of them. Fear Me December have managed to put together a great record which includes all of the varieties of music that they play. Heavy, hard-hitting rock which will put a smile on any rock fan's face!

This EP "Crystallized" is due to be released on Friday 7th September 2018 on all digital outlets.

You can find out more about Fear Me December on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & their Website

You can hear the interview that Mark @ Musical Insights had with Valentin from the band on the Musical Insights Website.

Thanks to SaN PR for sending this EP over to us

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