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You Know The Drill - Selfhood EP Review

You Know The Drill - Selfhood EP Review

You Know The Drill (YKTD) are a four piece Pop Punk band from Birmingham UK consisting of Benji Yapp on Vocals, Luke Astley on Guitar & Vocals, Damo Darby on Bass and Brad Potter on Drums.

This five track EP is their Sophomore EP and you can really hear how the band have progressed since their debut.
Song one is called 'Overcast' a very bouncy, lively song getting you in the mood for some good ol' fasioned pop-punk. With interestingly dark lyrics and fast music it's a great tune. The second track is 'Homesick' featuring fast drums and great use of diferent vocal styles, this is a song all about wanting to get back to the love of your life, all together now....aww.
Song number three is 'Suspect', a very catchy song with lyrics that you find yourself singing along to even if they mean nothing to you. The song is about a paranoid guy wondering if his partner is hiding things from him. The fourth song is called 'Blossom' with acoustic guitar strumming and harmonic vocals, this is a very chilled out song and you can't help but sway side to side whilst listening to this.
The fifth and final song is called 'Snake Eyes' which wakes you up from the melodic dream you were in listening to the last song with the song hitting hard right from the start! This is another great bouncy tune with well written lyrics and fast technical guitar & drum work.

In conclusion, this EP displays how You Know The Drill have matured and seen the world in a different light. The lyrics are a bit darker than in their debut EP and to my ears, the musicianship has improved. YKTD have produced an EP that they can really be proud of, with the bouncy music and story-telling lyrics that fans expect from American style Pop Punk but they have put their 'Brummie' mark on it. If you are going to buy just one Pop Punk EP this year, make it this one!

The EP 'Selfhood' will be available on 22nd June 2018 from all digital outlets and on 12" coloured vinyl from Scylla Records.

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Thanks go out to Inception Press for sending this to us for review.

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