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We Die Heroes - Lowering The Tone EP Review

We Die Heroes - Lowering The Tone EP Review

We Die Heroes are a Surrey based 3 piece Rock/Punk crossover heavily influenced by Motorhead and the Ramones consisting of Gray on Vocals & Guitar, Trevor Cornwall on Bass and Grizz on Drums & Percussion.

This four track EP came out a little while ago but we were passed it just recently.
The EP starts with a song called 'Leech' a very energetic old school punky song with all three members singing the chorus, about a woman who hangs around so that you buy her drinks all night. Great song to sing along to. Followed by 'Chainsaw' which is a bit more rocky and even faster than the first song.
Track three is 'Two Shots Over', the highlight of the EP for me. This is a great sing along song, a great mix of their influences in this song. The final song is called 'With This Ring' which could be called a love song or anti-love song depending on your viewpoint. A great headbanging classic rock feel to this one.

Overall, this EP really shows their influences, every single song has catchy choruses and make you want to dance Although, each of the songs are short and fast, you will get exhausted quickly dancing to these guys play. If you are looking for a great, energetic and fun band, We Die Heroes is the one you want.
I have also seen on their Facebook page that they are recording their second EP very soon and I would love to have a listen to how they have developed as a band since this debut EP.

Check them out on their Facebook page for more details on the band, where they are gigging and to find out more about their new music.

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  1. Cool band Ive seen them live ! - Sarah G