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Trevor and the Zombie Killers EP Review

Trevor and the Zombie Killers EP Review

Trevor and the Zombie Killers are a  six piece Hardcore Punk band from Folkestone making a lot of noise locally at the moment. They are a relatively new band and I can't seem to find any info on them playing gigs. They have however played live on Deal Radio and have plenty of music videos that were filmed during this on their Facebook page.

This four track EP is full of fast and angry punk music starting with 'Aftermath' which sets the theme of the EP with shouting lyrics, fast drumming and guitars along with deep bass tones. Track two is 'Anarlnathrak', the longest song at three minutes and seven seconds long. This song sounds more like metal at the start then brings in the punk, then back again throughout. A great mix of styles in this song, I love it!
Song number three is 'Crucifix' which is another short shouty/screamy angry punk song making use of occasional vocal effects. The fourth and final song on the EP is called 'Smash It To Bits' which starts as a great Punk Rock instrumental displaying their raw talent on the instruments for almost two minutes, then the metal like vocals mixed with punk style really make this another interesting song to listen to.

Overall this band are mixing genres and pushing boundaries that no-one really thought were there. They are putting the styles of Rock, Punk, Metal & Hardcore in a big blender and serving up the goodness that comes out. Strangely I find myself involuntarily moving and tapping my feet along to the whole EP.
The stand out song for me has to be 'Anarlnathrak', I could listen to that one all day even though I have no idea what the song title means.
Keep an eye on this band in the future, they are making noises that are something out of the norm and that's a good thing. Also if there is a Zombie Apocalypse then I want to be with these guys as they are fully prepared!

You can find out more about them and watch their music videos on their Facebook Page
This EP is free to listen to on their SoundCloud Page NOW

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