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The Sleeves - Deliverance Album Review

The Sleeves - Deliverance Album Review

The Sleeves are an Alternative Rock band formed and based in Hong Kong. Consisting of Keith Goodman, Matt Coleman, Pete Gordon & Stu McCutcheon. The band have been busy over the years touring and playing festivals (even supporting Gary Numan).

This new album, Deliverance is a twelve song album, although one of the tracks is split into Pt.I &II.

The first song is called '(Out On The) Dance Floor [Get What You Ask For]' and starts of with a patriotic drum beat then changes tempo to become a brit-pop style song that you find yourself singing along to. Track two is 'Freedom Now' an indie kinda song with groovy guitar riffs and reminds me of the band, The Clash.
The third song 'Broken Key' is a more mellow song, with funky guitar playing and rhythmic vocals. Song four is called 'I Feel Alive' starts with a crowd cheering and multiple drums beating together to build the energy then changes tempo to become a great indie-rock style song that has a great story line you can follow throughout.
Track five is the one I mentioned before, it's 'The Menace (Pt. I & II) which starts off very slow and melodic, almost psychedelic. Then the vocals come in which are reminiscent of the late, great David Bowie. The track then speeds up dramatically with fast drumming and guitar work before calming down again. The sixth song on this album is called 'Rumble (Inside My Head)' a cross between the sound of The Clash and the Sex Pistols, featuring sweet guitar effects, fast and loud vocals and a great rhythm... I love this song!
Track seven is 'Never Let Me Go' which is a very funky song more reminiscent of indie bands from the 2000's. The eighth song is 'Girl' where they go back to what seems to be their favourite style of the 70's punky rock music. It is another well written anthem by The Sleeves.
Track nine is called 'The Horror' which starts with silence then a spooky voice keeps saying Horror before the guitar riffs start.This song then becomes a great punk song with repetitive lyrics that will have you singing along involuntarily. The tenth song is 'Angel Of The North' which is another great indie style song about... guess what?
The penultimate song is called 'Old Jag' a very funky punk with sounding song with the occasional 'Bowie' vocal effects and an interesting story to follow, I really like this one too. The final song on the album is 'Here We Go' which is another great song featuring a mix of music of 2000's britpop and punk vocals, a song which will get you moving and singing along.

Overall, this is an album showing just what this band are capable of, taking a mix of different genres of music and blending them into one great album. Many bands are afraid to venture from their preferred style but these guys do it and do it well!

The album Deliverance, will be released on 26th May 2018 as Digital Download, CD & Vinyl
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