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The Maywaves - Demo Reviews

The Maywaves - Demo Reviews

Falling into the Buddha Reviews inbox today were two demos from a band called The Maywaves from Deal in Kent. These are four young guys, William Bain Smith, Thom Kissock, Kane De Havilland & Harry McDonald that have been making music for a little while now, some in other bands that we had previously reviewed (such as The Lucid Trail).

The first of the two demos is called 'Saturday' which is a very groovy track that somehow feels similar even though this is the first time listening to it. Very good rhythm and a pleasant song to listen to.
The second one is 'Love That Feeling' starting off very surfer rock style and has a summer holiday feel to it. This song you can really get jigging to and I found myself singing along even before the end of the first listen. A very catchy song and the sort of song that you would hear being played at a summer outdoors party or even a Wedding Reception.

These two songs are great summer tunes and I would like to hear more of them. If their whole set is like these two, then I'd love to see them perform at a gig. They do have an album in the works and when that is due for release, I would love to have a listen and do a full review.

Check out their Facebook page for more info on them and to find out where they are gigging.

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