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Spreading The Disease - 'Insurrection' Album Review

Spreading The Disease - 'Insurrection' Album Review

Spreading The Disease (STD) are a modern Metal band from Kent consisting of Connor Russell Snyder on Lead Vocals, Martin Osborne on Guitar and Backing Vocals, Steve Saunders on Bass and Backing Vocals & Jack Apella on Drums.
They are heavily influenced by bands such as Pantera, Machine Head & Slipknot and those influences really do show in their music.

Album Tracklisting

This new album is eleven tracks of pure heaviness designed to be heaven for the majority of Metalheads.
The first track on the album is 'Find My Path' starts off quite gentle and lulls you into a false sense of security, until the vocals hit you hard along with the heavy guitar riffs and hard hitting bass until it goes soft again at the end. Following that is 'Words Unspoken' which even the most mild person cannot ignore the impulse to headbang to.
Track three is 'Dischord' starts with some kind of elvish chanting before the distorted guitars make an appearance followed by the hard vocals. A good blend of lead and backing vocals in this song, giving it a much bigger and impressive sound. The fourth song is the name of the band 'Spreading The Disease', this song is a good mix of Metal and Alternative Rock with maybe a touch of Punk added in, not something you hear every day and I am impressed with the technicality of it.
Halfway through the album is 'Greed', this song has a brilliant video (link below) to accompany it which has been aired on Scuzz TV. This song has an interesting story running throughout and I love the sound these guys make. Sixth track on the album is 'Save Me' beginning with some heavy riff action followed by Connor's gruff vocals another very technical song with almost Punk-like shouting included for good measure.
Song number seven on this album is 'Whores Of War' starts of sounding very much classic rock then gets heavy very quickly in a Pantera style. I find myself singing along to the chorus, having only heard it once! The eighth song is 'Method To My Madness' and straight away I find myself thinking of Machinehead. Just listen to the lyrics in this song and many people will find themselves relating to the song.
The ninth song is called 'Can't Let Go' is a soft ballad mixed with some great guitar riffs and gruff backing vocals. The Penultimate song on the album is called 'Brexit Wounds', can you guess what this song is about? It begins with groovy riffs and is a very angry song but really gets your head nodding and feet tapping. There a a great number of people who will relate to the lyrics in this song.
The eleventh and final song on the album is 'Last Goodbye' which is another great mix of Metal, Punk & Alt Rock blended perfectly. I love the effects in this song.

In conclusion, this band are making music that anyone will have to headbang to, regardless if you have hair or not! The pure energy and devotion to their music is simply EPIC.
The album is a showcase of what STD are capable of and I am not surprised to read that they have management in USA & Europe and I totally expect this band to go far in the Metal world.

The Album 'Insurrection' is available to purchase from all major digital outlets and physical copies available from the band at their gigs.

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