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Sky Cassettes - Behind The Scenes EP Review

Sky Cassettes - Behind The Scenes EP Review

Sky Cassettes are a recent addition to the music scene in Kent, UK. They are a three piece Indie Rock band consisting of Adam Smart on Vocals & Bass, James Wells on Vocals & Guitar and Liam Foy on Drums. All of these guys have been in previous bands and I am glad to hear that they have got together to form this band. The band's debut show was at SteveFest on 6th May 2018 at The Astor Community Theatre in Deal where they also released this EP.

This three track EP starts off with a song called 'Break The Chain' which kicks off the EP with great guitar riffs, Adam's classic Indie Rock style vocals and very bouncy music. The tempo changes keep you interested and there are great lyrics. The second song is 'Don't Know When' starting with deep bass tones and guitar riffs before the soft vocals join in. The backing vocals make this an anthem type of song. The song does liven up and sounds rather pop-punky in places.
Song three is called 'Too Poor', a much more chilled Indie song with well written lyrics and soft backing vocals. The chorus livens up the song with great lyrics that you can sing along to.

Overall this three song EP set out to be the showcase debut of Sky Cassettes and I think that they have done a bloody good job! I love the rhythm of each song, the well written lyrics and the great music. The combined experience that these guys have really shines through and you must have a listen to this EP!

The 'Behind The Scenes' EP is available to hear on Soundcloud and on CD by messaging them on the band's Facebook page

Available from this link -

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