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Ryan Webb - Stop The World Album Review

Ryan Webb - Stop The World Album Review

Ryan Webb is a Rock Musician from London who, when performing is joined by Carlos Rodriguez on Bass and either James Wise or Vito Guerrieri on Drums. For this album Ryan himself has performed vocals (including BVs), played Guitars & Bass as well as writing, recording and mixing. This nine track album has been mastered by the legendary Pete Maher.

The album begins with a song called 'Insomnia' which introduces you to Ryan's deep hard rock vocals and some epic guitar riffs. Great, relatable lyrics also feature. The second track is 'Runaway' which is a much more mellow song with a slightly more energetic chorus, reminding me a little of the band Coldplay.
Song number three is the title track 'Stop The World', an energetic song with a mix of classic rock and indie rock sound. Great rhythm and storytelling in the lyrics. I really like this one and found myself singing along to the chorus! The fourth song is 'My Religion' which starts off slowly with Ryan's deep vocals and then the tempo changes and it becomes a very lively song with an anthem feel to it.
Track five is 'Lucky Ones', a very upbeat and bouncy song with catchy lyrics and awesome guitar solos! The sixth song is called 'In A Day Or Two' which is an indie rock sounding song featuring some great bass tones. Song number seven is 'Before I Die', a soft and gentle melodic song that you find yourself nodding along to.
The penultimate song is called 'Guilty' which is another great indie rock sounding song featuring interesting lyrics, a great tune and an energetic chorus. The ninth and final song is 'Immortal' which starts with soft, choral style vocals, before the drums hit and the tempo changes. Combining with some sweet guitar riffs and a catchy chorus this ends the album on a high!

In conclusion, this is a great album with a good mix of musical styles showcasing Ryan's vocal range. If you like your rock music then this album accommodates for most tastes in rock. The music and lyrics are both written very well, showing that Ryan knows just what he is doing when it comes to making excellent rock music.
The stand out song for me personally is the title track 'Stop The World' due to the energy and lyrics that hit home.

The album Stop The World will be available from Saturday 9th June 2018 from digital outlets and CDs available from Bandcamp.
The Album Launch Party will be on 9th June at The Fiddlers Elbow in London

Find out more about Ryan Webb on Facebook, Twitter & his Website

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