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Ridder - Hero EP Review

Ridder - Hero EP Review

Ridder are a London based Electro Pop/Rhythm & Blues/Soul. They formed in Greece and are two multitalented artists called Kostas Georgiadis & Athena Anagnostou. These two musicians have been working together since 2015 and with such a wide range of influences, this EP should be quite interesting to listen to.

This five track EP starts with a song called 'Cold Night' which begins with some nice gentle sax with an electronic beat behind it before Athena's soulful vocals join in. Straight away you can hear the blend of influences and I am really enjoying it! The second song is the title track 'Hero' featuring deep electronic bass tones and those soulful vocals. Athena's vocals remind me of Amy Winehouse, and that's a good thing!
Track three is called 'Just Go' which I would class as electro-pop but with vocals that sound like they have come straight out of the 1920's. The bass track sounds rather like Drum n Bass music, it works surprisingly well together. The fourth song is 'Every Time' a very groovy song featuring that deep electro bass again and great lyrics. Making use of regular tempo changes gives this an interesting and enjoyable sound, oh and they throw some awesome Sax into the mix as well!
The fifth and final song is called 'Ever Since I Met You' a slow and chillout-style song with interesting lyrics to follow throughout. A nice way to complete this EP.

In conclusion, this two-piece band are stretching boundaries and blending Electronic music with very soulful vocals that Athena seems to be able to make suit a variety of styles. I stick by the description of them at the start of this article and would also add in that the songs are all rather chilled and all are very interesting to listen to. It really is Electro-Pop blended with Soul. If you were to listen to this on the way to work, it would chill you right out for the rest of the day.

This EP 'HERO' was released on 30th May 2018 and is available from all the usual digital outlets and on Bandcamp

You can find out more about Ridder on FacebookInstagram and their Website

Available from this link -

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