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Ralph Beeby and The Elephant Collective - First Light EP Review

Ralph Beeby and The Elephant Collective -

First Light EP Review

Ralph Beeby is a solo artist who's music, in his own words is " a cold, dark space between Blues and Progressive Rock". So let's have a listen to this new EP and find out.

This five track EP starts with the title song 'First Light' featuring slow and sensual guitar plucking and Ralph's deep bluesy vocals with the rhythm (and song length) of prog rock but with nice tempo changes throughout. The second song is 'Animal' which was released as a single back in September 2017. This song is a very chilled out American southern Blues Rock style song with catchy repetitive lyrics.
The third song is called 'Powerless' and is another mellow song with a country music feel and an interesting story in the lyrics. Track four 'Little Man Rattling His Plastic Sabre' brings back the blues vibe with really nice guitar work and well written lyrics. The fifth and final song is called 'When I Have The Blues' which really is a full on Blues song with very emotive singing and downtuned guitar playing.

In conclusion, this EP is a collection of very mellow Acoustic Blues music perfect for chilled out Sunday afternoon or early evening. A very nice EP to listen to and it shows Ralph's songwriting and guitar playing are up there with the best of them. If you like a bit of Acoustic Blues, check this guy out!

The EP 'First Light' was released on 18th January 2018 and is available on all digital outlets and Bandcamp.

Check out Ralph Beeby and The Elephant Collective on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and his website

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