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Pink Lemonade - Wasted A Moment Single Review

Pink Lemonade - Wasted A Moment Single Review

Pink Lemonade are a Dream-Pop Duo from South West London consisting of George Crossland and Adam Blake. They only formed in January 2018 but have already gained a large number of followers by using very clever marketing techniques. They currently only have one song available but it is getting their message across very well.

The song itself, Wasted A Moment is a very chilled out, ambient kind of song. Starting with very soft and gentle vocals combined with almost hypnotic music. Then the chorus livens the song up and you find yourself singing along to the lyrics.
The music is well produced making use of keyboards and synthesizers make this a truly Dream-Pop song.

Overall, if you are looking for sweet, dream-like music to chill out to, then you need to check out Pink Lemonade!

Have a listen to the song, watch the video or even buy their merch on their Website
You can fin out more about them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

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