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Out By Nine - From Ashes Comes Fire Album Review

Out By Nine - From Ashes Comes Fire Album Review

Out By Nine are a Rock band based in Reading, UK consisting of Alex Meaney on Vocals, Guitar & Harmonica, Wayne Hunt on Guitar, Marcin Kalinowski on Bass and Tom Collins on Drums. These guys have got such a diverse range of influences such as Motorhead, R.E.M., Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Nirvana. This long-awaited Debut album is gonna be an interesting listen...

The first song on this twelve track album is called 'Road Less Travelled' which starts the album with groovy riffs, chilled out vocals and a great rhythm that you find yourself foot tapping along to. The second track is 'The Mirror', starting off quite psychedelic with guitar effects. This song has really nice 90's rock feel to it. Good ol' fashioned rock without being heavy. Track three is 'Butterfly Man' a soft and gentle song with soft vocals and guitar chords. You will find yourself swaying side to side whilst enjoying this song.
The fourth song is called 'SOKH' which livens up again to be rather indie rock sounding with harmonic vocals, awesome guitar solos and a tune that gets you moving. I am starting to see a trend with this band, they get you moving one way or another! Track five is 'Slice Of Life', which is simply great, British guitar rock with interesting lyrics and a catchy chorus. The sixth song is called 'Black Roses', another soft and gentle song with relaxing vocals and a sway-inducing rhythm.
Track seven is 'On My Knees' which is a very classic rock influenced song featuring harmonic vocals, sweet guitar solos and an interesting story in the lyrics. The eighth song is called 'Watching The Sun Turn Red', a nice chilled Blues-Rock song with catchy lyrics.
Song nine is 'Sweet Demise' which is pure classic rock glory featuring catchy riffs, interesting lyrics and a drum beat you will nodding along to. Track ten is called 'I Always Look Good', bringing the musical feel back to a more modern sound but with kicks that sound punky.
The penultimate song is 'Rolls Like Thunder' which is another great classic rock sounding song with a story that you can follow throughout. This song reminds me of a blend of Fleetwood Mac and R.E.M. The twelfth and final song on this album is called 'Bleed', a 90's style blend of rock, indie and blues all in one song.

In conclusion, this album is an eclectic mix of so many styles that Out By Nine have merged into one record. So many bands nowadays just stick to one style and don't branch out but this band are not afraid to try different styles and they have made one awesome album. It is a perfect blend of different musical genres which will appeal to the majority of rock fans.

The album 'From Ashes Come Fire' was released on 4th May 2018 and is available from digital outlets.
You can find Out By Nine on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & on their Website

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