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Noisemate - One More Round EP

Noisemate - One More Round EP Review

Noisemate are an energetic Pop-Rock band hailing from London that consists of Akos, Dan, Zoltan, Henry & Luca. They are heavily influenced by bands such as Paramore, Green Day and Sum41 which you can definitely hear within their own songs.
This five track (six if you get the special edition) EP is available to buy from all the usual download sites and as physical CDs from the band directly.
The EP starts with a very bouncy song called ‘Jump Out Of The World’ which sets the scene for the EP with it’s catchy chorus, a very toe-tappingly good rhythm and a good use of tempo changes throughout. The next song is ‘Keep Going On’ which has a great storyline coupled with some brilliantly pop-rocky guitar riffs.
The third track on the EP is ‘Something More’  which starts a bit more mellow than the other songs so far but when the bass starts, there is a real dancy feel to this one, then it changes tempo just to surprise you! After this is their song called ‘Never Forget Youth’, a very cheery, upbeat song with vocals that really draw you into the song.
The fifth and final track I have on the version of the EP I was given is ‘Heartbeat’. This song starts off with a heavy guitar riff followed by some interesting vocal effects. This develops into one of their heavier songs with great lyrics and a rhythm that automatically makes you want to tap your toes along to, this is definitely my favourite song from this EP.
Noisemate are one band to keep your eye on as they know how to make great Pop-Rock music with hints of Punk mixed in. Trust me when I say you need to check these guys out and get your hands on their music now and help make them a household name!
For more info, music videos and the links to buy their music – Noisemate’s Website
And check out their Social Media feeds – Noisemate on Facebook & Noisemate on Twitter

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