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Maypine - Bend/Break EP Review

MAYPINE - Bend/Break EP Review

MAYPINE are a five piece Alt-Rock band from Brighton consisting of Jason Payne on Vocals, Becky East on Lead Guitar and Vocals, Dan Jarvis on Rhythm Guitar and Vocals, Tommy Roberts on Bass and Vocals & James Holdsworth on Drums.
This EP came to us courtesy of Inception Press so a big shout out to them before we start.

Song one of this four track EP is called 'Give' which is full of groovy riffs and soft vocals. This song sets the mood for the EP with a perfect blend of Pop-Punk and Alternative Rock. The second song is 'Kodokushi' a very bouncy song that WILL get you dancing! This song is reminiscent of early 2000's alt-rock, gotta say I really like this one.
Track three is called 'Weather' which is a more gentle song, with soft vocals and the music to match. Yet is still on point with the other songs and livens up halfway through bringing back the pop-punk feel. The final song is 'Together Alone' which starts with heavy guitar riffs and drum beats before Jason's haunting vocals join the party. This song is definitely the heaviest one on this EP featuring some epic guitar riffs and great use of tempo changes to make this one awesome alt-rock tune.

Overall this EP really shows what MAYPINE are capable of. Displaying excellent song writing with relatable lyrics and music you can dance to and really enjoy. An awesome blend of early 2000's Alternative Rock and inoffensive Pop-Punk that will appeal to the majority of people.

This EP will be available from all digital download sites as well as CD's and limited edition 10" Vinyl from their Big Cartel page on Friday 6th July 2018 (Pre-order NOW)

Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & their Website

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