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Layover - Your Laughter Never Leaves EP Review

Layover - Your Laughter Never Leaves EP Review

Layover are an Emo Punk band from Birmingham, UK consisting of Luke Rainsford on Vocals, Dominic Cattell on Guitar, Elliot Wallett on Bass & Brad Fisher on Drums. We have heard a few of the songs such as 'Hunger Pains' on the radio but let's check out the full EP and see if the other songs are just as good.

The first song on this five track EP is 'Hunger Pains' which kicks off with fast music and iconic punk vocals. A very bouncy tune that gets you moving from the very start with slow and melodic parts in the mix. The second song is called 'Coffee and Fluoxetine' featuring heavy bass tones and hard hitting drums. It's a song about dealing with mental health issues by using Caffeine and Prozac (a trade name for Fluoxetine).
Track three is 'Hollow Me Out' which is a very short, bouncy and hard hitting song about not dealing with depression very well. "Empty out my head and I'll feel better" says it all. Song four is 'Slumber', starting out slow and mellow with rather haunting vocals. Then the tempo changes completely and the vocals become shouty emotive pop-punk with an interesting story in the lyrics.
The final song on the EP is the title track 'Your Laughter Never Leaves' featuring very bouncy and heavy tones with very emotional lyrics. This song actually affected me personally as it made me think of my late father and leaving him on his deathbed and remembering his nicotine stained teeth as Luke describes in the song.

In conclusion this EP is full of very well written, emotive lyrics and heavy, gritty Emo Punk music. Each song displays the feelings of losing someone you love and the processes of grieving that everyone deals with differently. The singer Luke has chosen to express his feelings of loss through song and in that process, Layover have made an awesome EP.

The EP 'Your Laughter Never Leaves' was released on 4th May 2018 and is available digitally and on Limited Edition 12" Vinyl from Fox Records Bandcamp

You can find Layover on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

Thanks go out to Inception Press for sending this to us for review.

Available from this link -

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