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Kingdom In Kaos - 'Morality For Savages' Album Review

Kingdom In Kaos - 'Morality For Savages' Album Review

Kingdom In Kaos (KIK) are in their own words, a 'Relentless Metal Aggression' band from Halifax, Yorkshire. Consisting of Stouty on Vocals, Kennedy on Drums, Ryan on Guitar & Stigney on Guitar.

As soon as I saw this in the Buddha Reviews inbox, I got a little excited as I love the heavier side of rock and metal.
This eleven track album starts of with 'Void' which for the first couple of minutes is very doom metal sounding then the screaming vocals hit you to set the energy level for the rest of the album. Following that is 'Head Of Snake' a very energetic song, displaying a high level of antiestablishmentarian ideals.
Track three is called 'Nailesque', this song starts as a fast metal song then changes tempo about halfway through to make it more melodic rock before the screamo vocals return, which is a nice touch. Their song 'Hierarchy' comes next with a sound that is reminicent of Cradle of Filth.
The fifth track is 'Ballad Of The Grotesque' starting with some slow deep bass tones and vocals to match then the hard hitting drums and vocals hit you right in the chest! Great mix of a ballad theme and heavy metal. Song number six on the album is 'If All Else Fails' taking us back to the aggressive metal tunes. Following that is 'Spineless', again with a mix fast and hard hitting metal and melodic rock.
Track eight is 'Morality For Savages' as the title track you would expect this to be the flagship song of the album and it does not disappoint! Displaying each of the band members technical skill all in one song. The next song is 'Pandoras Box' starting nice and slow, ballad like, with guest female vocals joining Stouty. This is a very chilled out and relaxing song... until just over half way into the song when you are suddenly awoken with a tempo change.
The penultimate song on this album is 'Natural Selection' which is a very aggressive shouty heavy metal song. I am sure that if the mosh pit hadn't already started at a gig, this would kick it off big time! Finally we reach the end of the album with a song called 'Devolution' using sound effects and effects pedals which lend to it a futuristic Mad-Max style sound to end the album.

Overall this is an album by an unsigned band that in my opinion, all metalheads should listen to. I dare you to listen to this and resist the urge to head bang, windmill or whatever moves you fancy, the whole way through. I love the way they change the tempo throughout not just the album as a whole but within each song. These guys have put together here a piece of each of them to display their individual technical skill that is needed in Metal music and produced a great sounding album.

The Album 'Morality For Savages' is available from all the usual digital music providers.

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