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Jukebox Monkey - Grey Skies Red Planet DEBUT ALBUM

Jukebox Monkey - Grey Skies Red Planet

The debut album from Jukebox Monkey!

Kent Stoner-Rockers Jukebox Monkey have finally recorded their debut full length album!
The Southern Stoner Rockers from Gravesend, known as Jukebox Monkey have been playing their own brand of heavy rock since 2010 and have always been a pleasure to watch perform live and I am so pleased to hear that their debut full length album is finally ready.
Jukebox Monkey are Chris D on vocals and guitar, Chris H on guitar, Niki on bass & Pete on Drums.
The eight track album is packed with pure awesome with every heavy hitting song after another!
‘They’re Building A Gallows’ starts the album on a high, with hard and fast guitar and drum riffs blended perfectly with Chris D’s deep, growly and regularly fast (almost rap speed) vocals and the occasional almost psychedelic style guitar effects. Followed up with ‘Death On Mars’ with amazing guitar riffs a-plenty.
The third track on the album ‘Daughter and Heir’ opens with a mesmerising guitar riff within a long intro which lays the foundation for a more laid back and instrumental version of Jukebox Monkey before bringing you back with a very punky feeling song called ‘This Septic Isle’. A more growly and shouty song about being proud to be British – “Where the hell is my home?! it is England!” Great use of vocal effects in this one.
‘Liquid Mistress’, track number five has this weird opening with a sound that travels between left and right for a while then a punky sound,at least for first few minutes then it progresses into long, stretched out melodic vocals. Followed by a long but brilliant instrumental.
Just to change things up again, the sixth track, ‘Dictionary of the vulgar tongue’ had me headbanging right from the start and if I had the hair for it, I’d be happily windmilling away to this one. Next up ‘Crawling As The Crow Flies’ which is much more on the lines of old school heavy rock. It made me think of bands such as Poison etc.
The final song on the album ‘Divisions’ is a high energy headbanging style song, very angry tones. The sort of music I like listen to to de-stress and get rid of all that pent up energy! I found that some sections of this some reminded my of ‘system of a down’s style but with much better instrumental sections.
I would describe Jukebox Monkey’s debut album as a perfect cross-section of the band, it really shows their diversity and the great music they can make together. They have arranged the songs within the album up in an order that keeps you on your toes and not knowing what to expect next. You simply cannot listen to this album once, you’ve just gotta keep listening on repeat!
Album Release Date – 28th April 2017
For more info about Jukebox Monkey check out – Jukebox Monkey on Facebook & Twitter
Pre-order the new album on the Jukebox Monkey Website


  1. You write quite passionately about the album so I'm thinking I need to go and have a listen!

  2. They sound like such a diverse band which is great as there are not many bands that can pull off such a wide variety so successfully.

  3. Oh i never really listen to any new music, just either chart stuff or my own cds. I will go check these out!

  4. I am not really into rock music but Hubby loves it so will give him a nudge to have a listen

  5. I love rock music. Would love to listen to this.

  6. Never really listened to rock music so will give this album a go!

  7. I love music and especially rock, so will be checking this out! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I haven't listened to this sort of music for a good few years now and this has made me think and need to go back and dig it out! I'll have to check this new album out too :) x

  9. I have never heard of jukebox monkey before, I am so out of touch with music these days

  10. I'll have a listen as you have really described them well :) I don't now many modern bands so will be nice to be 'cool'

  11. I love checking your blog out, you always find the collest new musi.

  12. My friend always laughs at me because I am the complete opposite of her. She is obsessed with rock music and I am more into rap, rbb, dance music. That being said I do like Indie rock bands like Imagine Dragons, Coldplay, Paramore, Fall Out Boy ect so Jukebox Monkey is a band I will definitely check out!

  13. Not heard of this band before but then again my music choices are limited to classical music and a couple RnB etc