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Hear Lies - System Overhaul Single Review

Hear Lies - System Overhaul Single Review

Hear Lies are a new band hailing from Eastbourne consisting of two original members of the now ex-band City Of Ashes. They have now moved on, changed their style, gained a new drummer and are ripping the Sussex music scene apart with so much support from their fans!
This debut song is meant to be a flagship song for the band and they have already impressed me.

System Overhaul is a rather high energy pop-rock song that gets you moving from the start with lyrics that you find yourself singing along to even from the first listen. Making good use of tempo changes and vocal effects, this is a very well produced song and well worth listening to a few times. Once to enjoy the music, then to listen carefully to the lyrics and understand what the song is all about.

Overall, System Overhaul is a song that really is putting Hear Lies on the map, a thoroughly enjoyable song to listen to and I am sure that when they play gigs the whole venue will be jumping. You have got to check these guys out!

They are playing their debut show in Brighton on 16th June, tickets are available from Big Cartel

You can hear the song on their Youtube
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