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Frass - Wake Up single review

Frass - Wake Up Single Review

Frass are a three piece alt-rock band from Maidstone in Kent. Consisting of David Hathaway on Vocals and Guitar, Chris Mineham on Bass & Stephen Smith on Drums. The band were formed in 2017 and are described as having a sound similar to Queens Of The Stone Age, Royal Blood and Muse.

This new single follows their 2018 debut EP 'Not Our Saviour' which we gave high praise, read that review here.

Wake Up starts with some great fingerwork in a guitar solo with deep notes which is then joined by hard-hitting drums and cymbals to give you an idea that this song ain't no lullaby. This is a hard and fast song to get you jumping around the place but also has slow sections, it has a pace that keeps your toes tapping at the very least.
Featuring a good mix of vocal styles from David, ranging from soft and grungy to hard and shouty with the rest of the band joining in (and you find yourself joining in as well). I can see this song being a proper sing-along song at live shows. Their influences really show in this song, I can definitely hear elements of QOTSA and Muse throughout but with the Frass touch so if you like those bands, you will definitely love this song!

This single Wake Up will be available to stream from 15th February 2019 on Spotify & Apple Music Pre-Save it here.

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