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Fortune Faded Glory - The Legend Lives On Album Review

Fortune Faded Glory - 'The Legend Lives On' Album Review

Fortune Faded Glory are a four piece Indie Rock / Britpop band from Kent, UK.
The band was formed after front man Craig decided that after some time of using the name for his solo work, he wanted to bring more people into the fold to make bigger noise.
They are Craig Hammer, Charles Lancefield, Dan Balsom & Craig Lodge.

This album was primarily written by Craig Hammer  and is particularly special to him as it was inspired by and is now dedicated to his late father.
This ten song album was recorded at Anchor Baby Studios in Kent and really does showcase the band's wide range of influences.

Track listing -

The first song 'Ordinary Man' is very indie and has a great story line that you can follow through the song. Then it changes up with 'Dig You Out' which is very 90's Britpop. Sounding similar to Oasis, in fact you would think that Craig was from Manchester not Folkestone!
The third song 'Far Fetched' is a very soft and gentle song with groovy guitar backing and angelic backing harmonies, quite 'folky' and very catchy. Track four 'Racing Line' wakes you up as it's rather rocky and energetic, this one really gets your feet tapping (I love it).
Halfway through the album, song number five is 'Stand' sounds very like country or even bluegrass with very harmonic vocals, almost poetic. I would even say it sounds a bit like the protest songs of old. Towards the end, the backing vocals make it sound very Celtic.
Song number six is 'Cruel To You' is another song that is on the same style as 'Stand', well worth listening to the lyrics. The seventh song on the album is called 'Sarah' about a woman who Craig knew and starts very slow and rhythmic telling the story then livens up about halfway through with that Britpop sound again.
Track eight is 'When She's Gone' is a toe tapping 90's style Britpop tune with some interesting lyrics and guitar solos. But I want to know who is the witch and how did he break her heel? The penultimate song on the album is 'Here Tonight' is very chilled song with melodic vocals and acoustic guitar. This song could even be used for the first dance at a wedding.
The tenth and final song on the album is the title track 'The Legend Lives On' It is another great Britpop song which is about Craig's late father and the loss he feels. A very heartfelt and emotional song.

In conclusion, this album is an awesome Britpop album and if you loved the music 90's, you need to buy this. These guys, led by Craig's songwriting are producing music that is top quality and I am surprised that a record label hasn't signed them up yet.

The Album is available to buy and stream on all major download sites right now.
Find out more about them on their Facebook Page & Twitter

If you fancy a giggle, Fortune Faded Glory filmed a Christmas Video, watch it on their YouTube

Also, can you guess what the background is on the back of the album cover?

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