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Fight For Friday - Someone You Could Trust EP Review

Fight For Friday - Someone You Could Trust EP Review

Fight For Friday are a Pop-Punk band from Cumbria and Manchester consisting of Seb Harper on Vocals & Guitar, Lloyd-Scott McCullough on Lead Guitar, Sol Stewart on Bass and Matthew Grosvenor on Drums. These guys started playing together at the tender age of 14 and this is their second EP. After touring the UK twice and developing their sound, let's find out what they sound like now.

The first song on the five track EP is called 'Life Hits You Hard' starting the EP with fast music and bouncy pop-punk vocals. I really enjoy the rhythm of this song. The second song is 'Take It Or Leave It' featuring awesome guitar riffs and melodic vocals, reminding me of 90's pop punk music. Nice use of tempo changes and backing vocals in this song.
Track three is 'I Feel Bad, But You Should Feel Worse' starting with heavy, deep guitars and drums then the punk rock vocals come in to make this the heaviest song on the EP even though it still has a pop-punk feel. The fourth song is called 'Target Practice' and starts slow and gentle with soft harmonic vocals. Then they ramp up the tempo to make this a fun, bouncy song with some great guitar effects. The fifth and final song is 'Headache'. Every part of this song seems to have a different tempo and a mix of styles as well as interesting lyrics, which makes for a very intriguing and enjoyable song to listen to.

In conclusion this EP displays how this young band have progressed over the years and how the experiences of touring and performing in so many places has affected their songwriting and musical style.
This EP has a variety of musical styles with Pop-Punk at it's heart but with touches of Punk-Rock and Alt-Rock influences. This is one young band to keep your eyes and ears on!

This EP 'Someone You Could Trust' was released on 11th May 2018 and is available as Digital Download, Physical CD and even on Cassette Tape! All from their Bandcamp page.

You can find Fight For Friday on FacebookTwitter & Instagram

Thanks go out to Inception Press for sending this to us for review.

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