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Demons From Surf Town - Bee OK EP Review

Demons From Surf Town - 'Bee OK' EP Review

Demons from Surf Town are a three piece alternative indie, surf punk band from Kent. Unusual in many ways, one being that they do NOT play gigs but instead, prefer to make interesting and funny music videos for their songs.
They are Tom on guitar, Kris on bass and Emma on drums with a good mix of their vocals.

This new EP, which has EIGHT songs, (making it an album in my opinion) plus a clean version of one of the songs. The EP was released on 10th April 2017 on their Bandcamp page.

This band have been described as mad, crazy, loopy and a bit obscure but they do make great music!
Their fans have been waiting quite some time for them to record enough songs for an album and now its here!

The 'Bee OK' EP has all the songs which they have previously made videos for and more.
Starting off with 'Superman' which has a very Hawaiian feel to it, being very bouncy with plenty grungy punk parts. The second song is 'Demons and Wizards', this starts of soft and gentle and then the drums kick in, becoming more psychedelic with a hint of 90's indie.
Next up is the title track 'Bee OK' which is much more indie than the others on the album. Following that is 'Colours', simply the epitome of Surf Punk! (just listen and hear for yourself). Track number five is 'Doris (the Brexit song)', this has a very catchy twangy start which quickly becomes really heavy punk song (with swearing, hence the added clean version on the download EP).
Track six is the song which really got everyone's attention when they started making music, 'Caveman'. This is really catchy punk rock song with their, now iconic, Surf-Punk vibe. Followed by their rather creepy song 'Ouija Board'. As the name suggests this song has an eerie but still punky theme throughout. The final song is 'Chasm' which starts out nice and melodic, then suddenly wakes you up with a loud and energetic punk instrumental which then settles back to their surf-punk style for the remainder of the song.

This band seem to be able to get away with anything. They take any subject matter, use their weird Surf-Punk magic and make a song that people love. I have no idea how they do it (must be some kind of voodoo or something).
If you like fun, dancy, punky and sometimes scary music, with stories that you can actually follow throughout the songs, then the Demons From Surf Town are the band for you!

Check out the videos to accompany some of the songs on this album on their Facebook Page

Buy the 'Bee OK' EP on their BANDCAMP page now for just £7 for the digital download or £8 for the eight songs on a CD with a mini-poster and sticker!
Download also available from all the usual places, iTunes, Amazon etc.


  1. Great band indeed. The first album I've listened to back to back for years! Definitely worth checking out.

  2. Our absolute favourite family band ... This is always on in the car ... They appeal to the (not so) grown ups And the three kids (the 5 year old loves them) as big fans of The Cramps, we love their kitsch, B movie, surf punk feel. Buy this cd, you won't regret it. Only complaint is we would love them to gig more ����

  3. Great band great people :)