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Colt48 - II EP Review

Colt48 - II EP Review

Colt48 are a two piece Rock band from South East London consisting of Adam Lewis on Vocals & Guitar and Matt Savini on Drums and Vocals. The sound that these guys produce is amazing, the first time I saw these guys perform live I was looking around the stage for the other band members!

This is their second EP, hence it's called II (guess what their first album was called). I was so impressed with that first EP that I had to get my hands on the second one and I was not disappointed at all.
The three track EP starts off with 'The Fire' which has awesome guitar riffs and heavy hitting drums. The tempo throughout changes and keeps your attention. The second song is called 'Out Of Habit' which starts off slow with faster choruses and has a rather Southern Rock sound to it, reminding me of Daughtry (haven't heard from them in a while).
The final song on this EP is 'Never (let you live it down)' which straight away hits you with fast guitar action. I love the rhythm of this song, great lyrics and musical talent. There is a section of the song which has very haunting vocals which really does add to the variety within this song. A definite head banging tune!

Overall, a great little EP that leaves you wanting more, I really hope that they release an album soon so that we can enjoy more of their music in one hit. I highly recommend you getting to one of their gigs as they really do put on a great performance. The effects board for Adam's guitar must be huge as he makes it sound so epic.

This EP and their previous EP can both be found on all digital outlets and streaming services NOW.

You can find out more about them on their Facebook page, Twitter & Instagram
Also check out their videos on YouTube

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