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Blunderpuss - Back-Up Plan

Blunderpuss - 'Back-Up Plan' Single Review

Blunderpuss are an Alt-Rock band from Canterbury in Kent. Consisting of George W. Craig on vocals & drums, Samuel Miller on guitar and Ewan Bennett on Bass, this young band are pumping out some very interesting music.

Their new EP has been recorded at Squarehead Studios by Robert Wilks and mixed & mastered by ETBmixing.

The title track from the EP is usually a sign of things to come on the rest of the EP and I am hoping this is true for this one.
The song starts off with a jazzy instrumental before George's soft and melodic vocals begin the story. It is a soft and gentle song that gets you swaying but couple of minutes into the song, it gets a bit more exciting and dancy.
It is a catchy song that gets you swaying to start off with and then bouncing around the room. For a band that's based in a student city, they are bound to be very popular!

The single 'Back-Up Plan' is reminiscent of the old 90's Indie songs but Blunderpuss have spun the sound to their own means. This ends up with a great sound that's just a little 'old-school indie' & a little modern 'Alt-Rock' and I am impressed.

I am quite excited about the release of the EP so that I can hear what the rest of their songs sound like.

The EP 'Back-UP Plan' will be released on Thursday 11th May 2017

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